Use your existing IP network for your Biometric access control system

Use your existing IP network for your Biometric access control system

Biometric security systems have become an increasingly popular commercial security option, it is recognised as the most sophisticated technology for authentication, verification and identification purposes. You can now add ZKTeco’s biometric solution to your existing IP network, be it wired or wireless – no more long analogue cable runs!

ZKTeco’s IP based biometric technology is able to recognize a person on the basis of unique physical attributes. These attributes include face, fingerprint, palm, vein or a combination.

The obvious advantage of biometric technology compared to more conventional or traditional authentication methods, such as personal ID cards, magnetic cards, keys or passwords, is that it is linked to an individual person and therefore not easily compromised through theft, collusion or loss.

The following biometric solutions can be added to your existing IP based security network:

FingerPrintFingerprint Recognition

Ridges and valleys found on the surface of a human fingertip is used to identify an individual. ZkTeco’s fingerprint recognition is a secured, reliable and stable biometric solution. This technology is becoming popular in household security, banking, workforce management etc.


FaceRecoFace Recognition

This solution analysis’s facial features or patterns, such as the distance between eyes, nose, mouth, and jaw edges for the authentication or recognition of an individual’s identity. These measurements are broken into facial planes and stored in a database for further comparisons. This technology is the perfect solution for when organisations prefer to use contactless modalities.


VeinRecVein Recognition

Vein recognition is a type of biometrics that can be used to identify individuals based on their vein patterns. This technology works with the patterns of veins on a finger underneath the skin’s surface. It matches the vascular pattern of an individual’s finger to previously acquired data.


Palm recognitionpalmreco

ZKTeco’s palm recognition, just like their fingerprint recognition, is based on the collection of information presented in a friction ridge impression. This information includes the flow of the friction ridges, the presence or absence of features along the individual friction ridge paths and their sequences and the intricate detail of a single ridge.

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