The world’s most flexible open networking operating system for bare metal switches

The world’s most flexible open networking operating system for bare metal switches

Cumulus Linux, a product-agnostic open network operating system, allows users to automate, customise and scale using the web-scale principles apparent in the world’s largest data centres. This is particularly useful for high-end networking switches that do not have software preloaded onto them and provides the ability to affordably build and efficiently operate networks. The system is currently compatible with over 70 hardware platforms.

MiRO’s Charl Ducray says that the company is now offering its customers the benefit of ordering Edgecore bare metal switches preloaded with Cumulus Linux. “This will result in reduced complexities and time required when setting up and installing these units.. In addition, networking will now be repeatable and consistent, and complete interoperability will be guaranteed.”

Native integration and best of breed tools for automation, monitoring and analytics mean that IT delivery will be faster. The inclusion of industry-standard security features and network protection within the Cumulus Linux software provide customers with the assurance that their networks are secure.

“We have an established Edgecore customer base, but with the added functionality provided by the Cumulus Linux operating system, we anticipate an upsurge in interest in the Edgecore range of switches. We have seen a growing willingness of users to move away from proprietary solutions towards customised options that allow for greater levels of flexibility. MiRO is able to provide years’ of experience and knowledge in finding best practice solutions to customer needs and we believe that the collaboration of leading brands like Edgecore and Cumulus Linux is highly advantageous to our customers looking for open networking solutions,” says Ducray.

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