With The Latest EnGenius EnStationAC You Can Power Your Camera Directly From Your Radio!

With The Latest EnGenius EnStationAC You Can Power Your Camera Directly From Your Radio!

EnGenius EnStationAC (EN-ENSTATION5-AC) is an Outdoor CPE that was specifically designed for high throughput applications over long distances making it ideal for transferring large amounts of data, such as Ultra High Definition (UHD) footage, be it in a point-to-point or point-to-multi-point deployment. Considering that the EnStationAC allows up to 600Mbps data throughput, it’s really quite impressive!

EnGenius EnStation 2


Now, couple that with the POE pass-through, that provides 15.5W, on the secondary port to power up any of your surveillance cameras, and you have a wireless IP Surveillance Solution that’s a lot simpler to install, more reliable and a lot faster.

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Other features of the EnStationAC include:

866Mbps + 19dBi antenna gain

The EnStationAC was engineered with a powerful, independent, RF interface that offers a bandwidth speed up to 866Mbps on the 5GHz band. This makes it possible to accommodate 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) video data and multi-application, heavy traffic services at the same time. The high-gain directional 19dBi antenna allows the EnStationAC to establish a stable and reliable connection, even in challenging environments.


Operates in extreme weather

EnStationAC is easy to install practically anywhere and comes with an IP55-rated enclosure designed to withstand harsh environments including surf and prolonged exposure to sunlight, extreme cold, frost, snow, rainfall, hail and humidity.


Easy to mount anywhere

EnStationAC can be mounted to a variety of surfaces or to a pole (three-axis position) which is especially useful when aligning with a matching EnStationAc unit in a varied deployment scenario.

EnGenius EnStation 5

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

The EnStationAC can be powered by EnGenius 802.3at PoE adapter or proprietary 48V-54V PoE Injector from a remote end (up to 100m). The EnStationAC can also power an 802.3af device (in this case an IP Camera).

Prioritising video streaming over VLAN Per SSID

EnGenius’s EnStationAC features VLAN IDs that can be associated with a WLAN service set identifier (SSID) to optimise VLAN QoS priority to deliver quality video data transferring.


Securable Connection without leaking any valuable data

The EnStationAC also provides a wide-range of authentication and encryption standards
(including WEP, WPA, WPA2, TKIP/AES and IEEE 802.1X) to enforce the maximum security.


Intuitive and Comprehensive Management Software

With the free downloadable EnGenius EZ Controller Management Software, you can configure and upgrade already deployed EnStationACs, whether they’re on rooftops or hard-to-access locations, without manually reconnecting to EnStationAC and re-installing on site.


Increase your range

EnGenius provides a full AC solution: link up your EnStationAC to the external sector of an EnGenius ENH1750EXT Dual-band outdoor AP (EN-ENH1750EXT) for increased range or to the included Omni’s for closer installations. This allows you to use your remote apps on the 2.4GHz frequency provided by the EN-ENH1750EXT to remotely view your cameras from any mobile device.

EnGenius EnStation 3





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