With the Crystal Titan NVR you can now easily manage multi-channel megapixel recordings!

With the Crystal Titan NVR you can now easily manage multi-channel megapixel recordings!

By combining their leading NVR range (Titan) with their robust video management software (Crystal) NUUO has made certain that you can now efficiently manage and monitor an unlimited number of servers, cameras, POS, access control, and I/O devices under NUUO Crystal’s unified interface, NuClient, and the video wall application, NuMatrix. In addition, by utilizing advanced File Ring and Volume Group storage design, Crystal Titan guarantees optimized and constant megapixel recording throughput.


But what truly sets the Crystal Titan NVR apart from other NVRs?

Unlimited Management Options under a single NuClient

NUUO Crystal™ Management Server maximizes management efficiency and transparency by allowing the configuring and viewing of an unlimited number of devices, users, and licenses under one unified interface: NuClient.

  • Centralized device management
  • Centralized user management
  • Records up to 64 network cameras per Recording Server


Megapixel Recording Powerhouse — File Ring and Volume Group

NUUO’s leading technology, File Ring boosts recording throughput up to 250 Mbps for a single volume. This is also the NUUO Volume Group mechanism for managing volume load balance, which can further boost throughput and increase disk service life.

  • Recording load distribution- volume group
  • Independent retention condition per device- IRC
  • Boosting record — event and schedule triggered


Modularized third party support

The Metadata Plugin Pack makes integration fast and flexible. Third party devices such as Access Control and Point of Sale (POS) can be enabled by simply upgrading the plugin. No more wait for server function upgrade.

  • 3rd party plugin pack for modualized integration
  • Metadata line by line playback
  • Metadata customized event and search


Unlimited Viewing Capability

NuMatrix(Enterprise Level) – a function available at enterprise license level, is the perfect solution for viewing unlimited number of video displays. As simple as to use the NuClient, users can access viewing functions such as View, multiple stream profiles, PTZ, NUUO Crystal™ layout manager, and fisheye dewarp.

  • Cross platform for Mac and Windows
  • Video Wall — NuMatrix (Enterprise level)
  • Generic Fisheye Dewarp
  • Image Fusion — video stitch for panorama view
  • Customized layout wizard


Model: CT-8000R



Running low on storage space on your Crystal Titan?

Make use of the CT-8000-ES Storage server from NUUO now!

  • NUUO Network Storage (CT-8000-ES) is designed to provide a powerful storage solution offering the highest level of performance for surveillance applications with rock solid, easily manageable, powerful recording and streaming capacity.
  • With its 8 Bay HDD support and max 6TB per drive you can get up to 48TB extra recording on your surveillance system.


network storage

Don’t wait to run out of storage, get your NUUO Storage Server today!



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