The most popular WISP backhaul solution in the world

The most popular WISP backhaul solution in the world

Ubiquiti Networks continue to disrupt the wireless broadband market with revolutionary technology that cuts through the limitations of 802.11 Wi-Fi technology. The new AirFiber AF-5XHD backhaul radio offers WISP’s a cost-effective, high capacity solution for long-range carrier class throughput for backhaul links. This solution is designed for use in the 5 GHz frequency band and offers greater channel bandwidths of up to 100 MHz, a high TDD throughput and HDD technology that allows for low latency and even more advanced RF components.

The radio offers complete custom hardware for the WISP, right down to the Silicon. The radio’s core communications processing engine surpasses all of the limitations inherent to standard Wi‐Fi chips as they don’t make use of generic wireless chipsets obtained from mass producing manufacturers, but rather develop and use their own custom silicon chipset, called INVICTUS II. These chips are able to maximise performance, utilising much less channel bandwidth and drastically reducing interference. AirFiber can do all this while still maximising throughput and outperforming the competition, even at lower channel bandwidth.

Furthermore, the AirFiber AF-5XHD provides enhanced protection against dust and water with its included IP67 kit.


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