Wireless Frequencies and Signal Strength

FAQ 1 : Why does the wireless frequency connect and then disconnect and why would the wireless connection jump from 70 dB to 20 dB and jump between signal strength when I have a 5 km wireless link pure line of sight.


ANSWER : The wireless connection is possibly detecting other wireless networks that is interfering with the current wireless connection. Lock the unit using it’s mac address and change the wireless frequency to an open frequency. A frequency analyser can be used to scan for open frequencies so it’s best to scan for an open frequency before changing the frequency. Always make sure the unit is on the latest firmware version because the basic functions and commands given to the device itself is the software(Firmware) so if the Firmware is corrupted, then the device will start acting on its own commands to change configurations. In most cases the wireless intermitted issue is solved by upgrading the device’s software.

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