Just a quick post to answer a good question.

Our sales team often get this question. Please explain Carrier Grade equipment and why is it more expensive?

The question generally come from our customers that have met the exciting stage in their WISP/ISP business where their customers are outgrowing their network capacity. The need arises for backhaul equipment that have proprietory interference mitigation techniques and can guarantee more throughput and lower latencies.

So here is a very simple definition from Wikipedia.

In telecommunication, a “carrier grade” or “carrier class” refers to a system, or a hardware or software component that is extremely reliable, well-tested and proven in its capabilities. Carrier grade systems are tested and engineered to meet or exceed “five nines” high availability standards, and provide very fast fault recovery through redundancy (normally less than 50 milliseconds).

What do we offer in this space?

We have realized the diverse needs of our customers and we are very excited to say that come 2014, we will be able assist our customers with more options.

Carrier brands

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