Work from home with this LTE & Wi-Fi access point

Work from home with this LTE & Wi-Fi access point

Is your Internet connection slow? Does it take forever for websites to load? Is your favourite Netflix show constantly buffering? These could all be symptoms of a congested and slow LTE router.

MikroTik has introduced a compact yet powerful solution that is the perfect remedy for all your LTE struggles. The wAP ac LTE access point is an extremely cost-effective and attractive LTE router with dual-band Wi-Fi that features two Gigabit Ethernet ports. These ports allow you to use the access point as a wired router with LTE backup via the Micro SIM slot, or you can enjoy a wireless experience anywhere – indoors or outdoors. Because of the weatherproof wAP form factor, the access point delivers a strong and reliable connection in any situation no matter the weather conditions.

Even with its compact design, the wAP ac LTE packs a punch with 4-core 716 MHz CPU and 128 MB RAM, capable of handling heavy loads. Lastly, this dual-band access point allows you to simultaneously use the 2.4 GHz channel for all your household mobile devices and reserve the 5GHz channel for tasks that are sensitive to packet loss – such as streaming your favourite series in HD.

Make slow internet connections a thing of the past and speak to our experts to find out how you can enjoy high performance, great value and astonishing durability of the MikroTik wAP ac LTE access point.

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