Vivotek – Security, as strong as granite

Rustenberg, in the North West Province, is well known for its mining operations. Boasting operations that mine everything from platinum to granite, the area has a number of specialist companies serving the sector, ensuring that the mines function as efficiently as possible.

Among these are companies specialising in securing the premises of the mines, as well as their payloads. One of these, Granite Security, recently installed an IP surveillance system at its customer’s premises to monitor and protect a number of sites at a granite mine, including the quarry, the equipment, and the site offices.

Partnering with distribution house Miro, Granite Security has installed 7 Vivotek IP Dome cameras, with an additional 29 still to be fitted, linking the feeds from these to 24 x 7 monitoring in its central control room. The choice of Vivotek for the installation was as a result of the superior quality of the cameras as well as Miro’s fantastic after-sales service, explains Granite Security’s David van Jaarsveld. A number of advanced features, which are standard for the Vivotek cameras and include tamper detection, were equally important in the choice of this product to secure the mine.

“The Vivotek range offers the perfect solution for a demanding environment like a mine. They are specifically designed for these types of security applications and are equipped with a 1MP sensor enabling viewing resolution of 1280×800 at 30 fps, so they provide an all-in-one solution that can capture high quality, high resolution video,” van Jaarsveld says.

This is important when it comes to monitoring the site, he adds, because security needs at a mine require that monitoring can quickly and easily identify any incidents as they are happening. “Because the Vivotek cameras support the industry-standard compression technology, they drastically reduce file sizes and conserve valuable network bandwidth, so video streaming is not a problem.”

Miro’s Phillip Schoeman says that Vivotek perfectly meets the need for intelligent mine security solutions and management. “Mining companies are increasingly looking at their mine site security after recent high-profile incidents. Video surveillance is the first step for this, helping to protect the mine and the people working in the mine. Vivotek has an established track record working in some of the world’s most demanding environments, and is ideally suited for mining operations.”

Intrusion detection and video monitoring is essential not only to detecting security breaches, but also to ensuring safety. “Mining operations are very safety-focused,” explains van Jaarsveld. “But the theft of mineral resources, copper cables, explosives, diesel and the prevention of illegal miners and criminal syndicates from entering mining premises are some of the other challenges facing the industry. With this installation, the mine management can rest assured that we can positively identify any incidents.”

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