Veracity Longspan: 25 watts of POE for 600M!!!!

I need to run 1 camera 600m away using POE (power over ethernet) impossible?

The Veracity Longspan range offers you this ability, you can now go 600m with a full 25 watts available (802.11at) or you can run up to 800m offering 15 watts or (802.11af). Larger distances are possible if your power requirements are lower. To do this you will use the VE-LS-B (base) and the VE-LS-C (reciever). Please refer to the diagram below. To go up to 600m or 800m depending on the wattage you require at the end, you have to use a power supply offering 57 V and cat6e cable. Lower voltage power supplies and cat5e cable can be used but your potential distance decreases accordingly. You can power up the VE-LS-B using a POE injector, POE switch or a DC power supply.

veracity longspan

The chart below indicates the distances achievable depending on the power you require at the end of the POE run. If you do not know your POE classes then kindly visit If you are reading below you will notice cat5e  reduces the distance possible due to its transmission properties being less efficient than cat6e. You can plan your entire installation using the table below.

Longspan POE range

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