Use our Uniview cameras for Intelligent Sound Detection

Use our Uniview cameras for Intelligent Sound Detection

When it comes to security, you need to have options that suit your needs. Uniview (UNV) understands that there is a need to not only supply cameras that record high quality intelligent video footage, but that true surveillance monitoring can be made more powerful with the ability to use sound as another form of intelligent analytics.

UNV designed and created specific cameras for sound detection as they see the value in having both visual and sound recordings for security incidents that are initiated by some kind of noise e.g. gunshots or breaking windows. UNV cameras with sound detection capabilities add value to your security system as the sound application can automatically send an alert for real incidents as they occur and enable quick, relevant actions to minimize the consequences.

UNV’s Cameras with audio analytics add pro-activity to your passive surveillance systems by enabling quick and remote response when seconds matter. These cameras with built-in microphones have been widely used in homes, offices as well as industrial and commercial environments.

UNV’s cameras provide exceptional surveillance capabilities by utilising both audio and video triggers simultaneously to track events from one camera to another. The built-in microphones on our Uniview security camera are sensitive enough to pick up sounds from a 12m radius when in a quiet room and although results vary based on ambient noise, these security cameras are a great way to record both video and sound.

We stock the following UNV cameras with built-in Mic’s:


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