Why and when to use Edge-core Layer 1 switches!

Why and when to use Edge-core Layer 1 switches!

New technologies are being adopted as quickly as they’re released by companies to ensure their customers receive the best and latest benefits possible, thus driving the massive wheels of innovation that are propelling us into the future ever faster. But do all technologies become obsolete? A perfect example would be layer 1 switches: with ever more features included with the release of layer 2 and layer 3 model switches, are layer 1 switches (which by definition are very basic) still relevant in a modern network?



Edge-core’s layer 1 Switches and their place in the market:

A computer network is structured in pretty much a pyramid/hierarchical structure, not unlike a traditional business, where the majority of the work is done by the workers at the bottom of the hierarchy according to instructions delivered by managers and executives that are higher up the ladder, based on the information that is sent up from the lower levels. This is a necessary yet time-consuming process as the workers at the bottom can’t make the decisions themselves.


In this scenario, the lower level workers are the bottom layer (layer 1, also referred to as the physical layer) of the network. This lower layer sends and receives the data across the physical network wires, mindlessly sending information up to and receiving instructions down from the “upper management” layers in the stack (layers 2 and 3) who make the decisions.


With a physical layer/layer 1 switch, the decisions are made in advance (also referred to as circuit switching) which speeds up the process significantly as the decisions don’t need to be made by an upper layer. Although a physical layer switch may not be as smart or feature rich as a layer 2 or 3 switch, it offers a much lower latency which provides you with the speed edge required for VoIP installations, for example.


VoIP installations

As VoIP makes use of smaller packets that are sensitive to latency and jitter, making use of a Layer 1 switches provides the stability required for clear call quality.



Edge-core’s range layer 1 switches

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