Update your Switchvox to 6.3 and get iOS 10 support for your Softphone NOW!

Update your Switchvox to 6.3 and get iOS 10 support for your Softphone NOW!

Digium urges Switchvox Softphone App users to upgrade to Switchvox 6.3 as they announce the imminent release of the 3.0 Switchvox app for iOS 10! The latest app version includes features such as:

  • Better call handling so that Switchvox calls are not interrupted by an incoming iPhone call
  • Improved communications with the Switchvox server, helping save on data and battery use


Upgrade your Switchvox NOW


Backward compatible:

The latest version of the Switchvox server supports both the upcoming 3.0 app, as well as existing versions of the app.


Server Communication:

Push technology enables better communication between the server and the app, conserving your data and battery use.


In past versions of the app, it functioned like a traditional SIP phone, frequently registering to the server and continuously maintaining the network connection in anticipation of an incoming call or other information from the server.


In the upcoming 3.0 version, the app can receive notifications from the Switchvox server, which is using push technology to send notifications as necessary. When something happens (you receive an incoming call, or get a voicemail), those events are pushed out from the Switchvox server to the app as the events happen. The app doesn’t constantly maintain a network connection and communicate with Switchvox.


Integration with iPhone Call Handling:


In past versions of the app, iOS would “steal” the audio from the app when the iPhone got a call. An inbound iPhone call would place your Switchvox call on hold so that you could take the iPhone call. That was better than hanging up on the Switchvox caller, but still a bad experience.


With iOS 10 and the upcoming 3.0 version, the iPhone’s CallKit lets Switchvox and iPhone calls share the call interface. That means:


  • Your Switchvox calls are never put on hold for iPhone calls (or other audio). You choose what to do when each new call comes in.


  • An incoming Switchvox call can be quickly answered even when the app is closed and your iPhone is locked.


If you need to use the advanced features of Switchvox, you can still open the app and tap the Calls tab. In 3.0, that tab will still offer all the same call-handling tools.


Helpful tips and things to be aware of:

  • Switchvox server version 6.3 or later is required for the 3.0 app.
  • Version 3.0 of the iOS app will require iOS 10.
  • When the Android version of the app is available, that will require Lollipop 5.0.
  • If for some reason you cannot update the Switchvox server, Switchvox Softphone App users should turn off automatic updates on their phones.
  • Specifically, the 3.0 app with an earlier version of Switchvox will not be aware of incoming calls (or other notifications) if the app is not open in the foreground. Outgoing calls and other tools will work as expected, but to receive an incoming call, the 3.0 app must be open in the foreground. This is because iOS 10 no longer allows an active SIP registration in the background, so if the app is not open and in active use, it doesn’t get notifications from the Switchvox server.
Switchvox 6.3 Switchvox 6.3 Switchvox 6.3

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