UNV releases NEW Pan and Tilt Bullet Camera for wider field of view!

UNV releases NEW Pan and Tilt Bullet Camera for wider field of view!

Yup, they’ve done it again: Surveillance technology pioneers Uniview

have recently released a Pan and Tilt…. wait for it… Bullet Camera!


Uniview’s IPC74X series is their latest instalment of wide field of view (FOV) infrared bullet camera with pan and tilt functionality.


How does the PT Bullet Series work?

The IPC74X series adopts a worm and gear transmission structure, which supports self-lock, and is able to provide a wider FOV than a fixed bullet camera. Coupled with this is the ability to provide users with 0⁰~255⁰ pan movement and -50⁰ ~ +50⁰ tilt movement all via a remote control. The IPC74X series also supports up to 400 presets, scan and patrol.


What else can you expect from the series?

Built-in 32G eMMC chipset

Instead of an SD card slot, the IPC74X series uses an eMMC chipset (a technology commonly found in mobile equipment) for on board, edge storage which is more reliable than an SD card. eMMC, as mentioned, is widely used in phones and tablets because they’re able to read content 3x faster and write 2x faster than an SD card. It also has a longer lifespan than SD card (it lasts almost 20x longer than the average SD card).


H.265 & U-Code compression technology

With Uniview’s proprietary U-Code deep video technology (based on H.265) bandwidth consumption can be reduced by up to 95%. In U-Code mode your Uniview NVR can also support Fast Forward Playback and Accurate Record Retrieval.


Smart Functions

As a part of the Uniview H.265 range of devices the IPC74X series also offers clients a range of edge-analytic features, namely: Face Detection, Intrusion Detection, Crossing Line and People Counting.


Indoor and Outdoor Applications

The IPC74X series is perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications, such as shopping malls, stations, airports, stadiums, warehouses, etc.


Other Features of the IPC74X series include:

  • 4MP Sensor (2560×1400 @25fps)
  • IR Distance of up to 50m
  • IP66 rated housing


Pan and Tilt Bullet Pan and Tilt Bullet Pan and Tilt Bullet

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