Protect your network with Untangle’s next-gen firewall & secure software-defined network tech

Protect your network with Untangle’s next-gen firewall & secure software-defined network tech

Businesses should always be prepared for a cyberattack. These cyberattacks can have a detrimental effect on your bottom line, your business standing and your customer trust. There are various studies being done on Cybercrimes and Internet threats, with some, such as the global cybersecurity company, Kaspersky Lab stating Malware attacks in South Africa increased by 22% in the first quarter of 2019. This translates into about 13 842 attempted cyberattacks in SA per day and just under 577 attempted attacks per hour.

We understand that managing your network and ensuring every device is adequately protected can be a complicated and costly task. To assist with gaining control of your network security and to reduce these complexities and costs, we bring you Untangle.

Untangle’s Network Security Framework provides cloud-managed security and connectivity options that seamlessly work together to ensure protection, monitoring and control across your entire database, from your headquarters to the network edge.  The Untangle Network Security Framework provides IT teams with the ability to ensure protection, monitoring and control for all devices, applications and events, enforcing consistent security across the entire digital attack surface—putting IT back in control of dispersed networks, hybrid cloud environments, and IoT and mobile devices.

As part of Untangle’s Network Security Framework, Untangle SD-WAN Routers with advanced routing capabilities and a secure Next-Generation firewall provides the ability for businesses to build a comprehensive, secure Software-Defined Network at a fraction of the cost.

Get everything you need in a single, modular platform that fits the evolving needs of your business without the headaches of multiple point solutions. Speak to our team of experts today and take the complexity out of network security with Untangle.

Untangle is perfect for …

Multi-Branch Organisations

Multi-Branch Org

Next-Gen Firewall Applications


SD-WAN Rollouts


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