Uniview takes no.1 on the podium at Zwartkop’s Raceway

Uniview takes no.1 on the podium at Zwartkop’s Raceway

Zwartkop’s raceway started experiencing a lot of problems with their surveillance system such as recurring downtime and events not being recorded.

‘’I was introduced to the latest Uniview solutions and I was convinced that this product would suit the needs of Zwartkops raceway. Uniview is perfect for small deployments but can also easily be scaled and allows for the systematic replacement of the old system.’’- Ben Pienaar, Owner, AME Connect

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About Uniview

Uniview offers high quality, products, including IP cameras, NVRs, client software and a mobile application. Uniview’s cloud service provides FREE, instant, remote, live viewing and alarm notifications to any smart device (iOS and Android) from anywhere in the world, providing essential situational awareness to security personnel on the move. Uniview is a complete video surveillance solution that integrates Uniview cameras and NVRs into one unified system with no additional licence fees required.


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