UNBOXING – Ubiquiti’s New Wall mount bracket….for airGateway-LR



Ubiquiti has released this nifty little mounting bracket including a level for those of us without a keen eye for the new airGateway-LR. In the past you needed to be innovative with cable ties and double sided tape, but worry no more as this bracket is included in with new airGateway-LR.



The airGateway-LR is perfect for providing indoor WiFi coverage, without the mess of extra devices, LAN cables, and power cables. It just plugs into any existing Ubiquiti PoE.

Ubiquiti airGateway-LR, Indoor 802.11b/g/n 150Mbps, functions as an Access point or in station mode to extend your network. Equipped with airOS it offers easy deployment, convenient configuration, intuitive user interface, powerful features and system management services.




Back to the unboxing:

airGateway-LR packaging



Package includes:


External Antenna 5dBi

Wall Mount Bracket

Screw Kit

Quick Start Guide



Connecting the airGateway-LR to an Ubnt 15 or 24Volt PoE device (PoE not included)

airGateway_5 airGateway_6 airGateway_7 airGateway_8 airGateway_9 airGateway_4




The airOS included

airGateway_main airGateway_Network airGateway_wireless


So complete your Ubiquiti SOHO installation with the airGateway-LR for easy and seamless wireless connectivity.




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