UMobile-For quick and easy deployment

UMobile-For quick and easy deployment

With Ubiquiti’s convenient client application (UMobile)  you can now quickly install airMAX® devices using your iOS or Android mobile device-no need for a laptop.

It features device discovery, site survey, , provisioning with configuration templates, antenna alignment, configuration backup and sharing, and offline firmware upgrades.

Device Discovery

Discover Ubiquiti® AirMAX Gen2 devices on your local wired network to discover wireless devices.

Site Survey

Run a site survey to detect the channels used by neighbouring wireless networks and determine optimal channel selection.

UMobile Image 2

Antenna Alignment

View signal strength on the sending and receiving devices so you can position your antenna to maximize signal strength.

UMobile Image 3

Simplified Management

Check for updates and download any firmware with a single tap. After any network IP configuration change, UMobile automatically detects and connects to the new gateway IP address.

UMobile Image 4

The UMobile app communicates with airMAX devices over HTTP(S), so the UMobile app requires access to the devices on these ports.

Minimum Firmware Requirements
– airMAX AC devices: version 7.2.0 or higher
– airMAX M devices: version 5.6.5 or higher
– airGateway: version 1.1.7 or higher

**Requires iOS 9.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPAD and iPod touch

**AirMAX Gen 2 devices coming soon!

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