Ubiquiti’s FREE ISP Management system

Ubiquiti’s FREE ISP Management system

What is UCRM?
UCRM is a streamlined billing and customer management system with recurring invoicing, credit card processing and automated features such as suspension and CPE outage detection.


  • Customer Portal for viewing statements, usage, etc
  • Automated Billing system
  • Online Payments for Customers (via portal or direct from invoice)
  • Automatic service suspension (if pre-set rules are not met, like payment etc)
  • Statements (With pre-generated Templates)
  • Network monitoring and traffic shaping
  • Ticketing and Scheduling system to keep track of queries and requests
  • Keep track of Client leads
  • Reporting
  • API Integration
  • Batch data imports
  • 100% Free – no setup costs or licensing fees

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