Ubiquiti’s new sunMAX SolarPoint can now make the weather work for you!

Ubiquiti’s new sunMAX SolarPoint can now make the weather work for you!

Gone are the days when solar performance was unpredictable and costly to install and maintain. One of the typical problems that have plagued solar solutions was the need for a multitude of devices. To address these issues Ubiquiti has introduced the sunMAX SolarPoint. A remote managed charge controller with a built-in four-port 24V PoE switch and one DC output delivering up to 40W. It comes with a built-in weather prediction service that enables you to forecast your system’s ability to keep running smoothly during cloudy weather. This, together with AI algorithms, provide critical information about your solar site’s existing and future performance.

Ubiquiti sunMAX

The intuitive sunMAX software allows you to pinpoint where your solar installation is located and will display this on a map. It will even provide a weather forecast based on the weather data, which will tell you what the solar output will be and the system uptime. This is all visible from the free, user-friendly and centralised management platform, from which you can remotely control the output of your solar panel, view statistics from the installation date – and even the battery name! Power scheduling is another added benefit, enabling you to save on battery life during designated hours.

Get in touch with us and find out how you can simplify your solar installations and reduce your deployment time with Ubiquiti sunMAX!


Written by Rebecca Haynes

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