Ubiquiti mFi Monitoring BitCoin Mining?



So we have all heard about Ubiquiti’s range of mFi products but are not too sure where they all fit in right? Well with the right amount of imagination the possibilities are endless.

Uses range from Home automation, Monitoring Server Rooms, Machinery, Towers, Dairy farms, BMS for SME’s or to monitor the viability of a BitCoin Mining operation as the user below has done.

The Reason:

Deploying mFi to monitor a miner and the electricity usage to determine if the mining is profitable.

The Setup:

2 x mPowers monitoring power consumption (yes it’s possible) and providing electricity to all the equipment. 1 x mPort WIFI + RJ45 port connected to 1 x Motion sensor, 1 x Temperature sensor and 1 Current sensor.

The mPower determines how much each device costs to run and provides information to calculate the profit made each month. The motion sensor sends out an email if any motion is detected. The temperature sensor monitors the room temperature,  if the ambient temperature of the room rises past a programmed threshold the mFi server turns on the mPower which is connected to the fan.  When the temperature drops to another pre-determined level, the power shuts off.  The Current sensor is connected to the UPS power cable, monitoring power usage and will send notifications if the power is cut.

The Result:

mFi happily providing information in order for costings to be calculated as well as monitoring the site, the customer has future plans to expand to more miners.

Bitcoin mFI

Where have you used mFi? Share your stories with us.

More information:

http://www.miro.co.za/products.aspx?p=Utilities&sp=Ubiquiti MFi (Building Management)&spid=258&spp=Ubiquiti MFi (Building Management)&sspid=758




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