Why the Ubiquiti EdgeSwitch is fast becoming the world-leader in switching technology



Build and expand your network with Ubiquiti Networks® EdgeSwitch®, part of the EdgeMAX® line of products. The EdgeSwitch is a fully managed, Gigabit, PoE or Non-PoE switch, delivering robust performance and intelligent switching for growing networks. The EdgeSwitch offers an extensive suite of advanced Layer-2 switching features and protocols, and also provides Layer-3 routing capability.


  • Versatility

EdgeSwitch offers a range of 1G and 10G Fiber Switches as well as 8, 16, 24 and 48 port Ethernet Switches. The Ethernet switches can be PoE or No-PoE, with the PoE switches providing a power budget of up to 750W


  • PoE Flexibility

The PoE switches not only cater for 802.11af/at standards to power your 48V devices, it also can power 24V devices by individually selecting the 24V passive PoE option on one or multiple ports.


  • Fiber Connectivity

All 8, 16 and 24 port switches include 2 x SFP ports providing 1Gbps fiber uplinks, whereas the 48 port models include 2 x SFP and 2 x SFP+ ports, providing uplinks of up to 10Gbps.


  • User Interface

Designed for convenient management, the EdgeSwitch Configuration Interface allows administrators to configure and monitor switch features in a graphical user interface.

For advanced users, an industry -standard command-line interface (CLI) is available through the serial console port, telnet, and SSH.


  • Powerful Functionality

A variety of advanced features are included, like:


  • VLAN, Private VLAN, Voice VLAN
  • Link Aggregation
  • DHCP Snooping, IGMP Snooping
  • TACACS+, RADIUS, 802.1X, MAC Filtering, ACL
  • DiffServ, CoS
  • Static Routing
  • DHCP Server Functionality