Ubiquiti delivers Software Defined Networking with free UNMS Management Platform.


The Ubiquiti Network Management System (UNMS) controller software gives you the capability to intelligently manage and monitor your Ubiquiti network solutions. This license-free system offers a simplified solution for deployment and configuration, as well as the additional function of Google Maps integration, allowing users to pinpoint where their devices are located for powerful management of remote sites, all within a single unified software control plane.

With UNMS you can simply configure, monitor, upgrade, and back up your Ubiquiti devices with the easy-to-use digital platform. Add your routers and switches, include your wireless equipment and optical GPON devices and manage your client APs within a single application. The SDN management platform includes many benefits and features, all part of the license-free UNMS controller.


Simple Installation


  • Docker-based application with install script and in-app upgrade.
  • Install UNMS on your server, or use any cloud provider.
  • Ubiquiti cloud feature where you can install UNMS with a single click and use your Ubiquiti SSO.


Quick Device Discovery


  • Use UNMS mobile or UNMS discovery to register your devices.
  • Secure device connections with HTTPS and AES encryption.
  • Advanced security with two-factor authentication.


Network Monitoring


  • Configurable outage notifications with email integration.
  • Map of your network with sites, clients, and custom alerts.
  • Performance, signal, and bandwidth charts displayed in real time, with one year of data retention.


Device Management


  • Basic overview allows you to filter a list of all devices.
  • All frequently used actions, such as FW upgrade or device restart, are available.
  • Organize devices with sites and clients.


Firmware and Task Manager


  • Firmware manager enables mass upgrade for all supported devices.
  • Upload Firmware manually, or enable automatic download from the Ubiquiti website.
  • Control upgrades and other processes via task manager.


Device Configuration


  • Configure routes, firewall policies, and other advanced routing features.
  • Use site survey and check the clients of your wireless devices.
  • Manage your GPON devices with the advanced ONU profiles editor.


Device Dashboard


  • Quick device state overview with important information.
  • Device throughput statistics.