Two for the price of one: Buy 1 RapidFire Radio and get another 1 FREE!

Two for the price of one: Buy 1 RapidFire Radio and get another 1 FREE!

A while back we ran a promo campaign on the LigoWave RapidFire radio and the response was so overwhelming that we’ve decided to bring it back!


As of 1 November 2016, until 30 November 2016, you will receive a FREE RapidFire radio for every RapidFire radio that you buy!


Order Yours NOW!

To talk to one of our sales representatives about this amazing offer simply call us at one of our branches closest to you (see below) or email us at

Gauteng                              +27 12 657 0960

Cape Town                         +27 21 555 3207

Durban                                 +27 31 564 7283

Nelspruit                             +27 13 752 4654


Why use the RapidFire Radio:

What makes LigoWave RapidFire the best backhaul solution is its adaptability in the Radio Frequency environment. We’ll get to that in a minute, first let’s get an overview of the 5GHz bandwidth spectrum.


The nature of operating in the unlicensed 5 GHz spectrum is that performance is heavily impacted by interference from other operators and the general use of unlicensed Wi-Fi spectrum by millions of Wi-Fi capable devices.


Despite these challenges, LigoWave has achieved the highest link stability in the industry through a combination of features, called Automatic Transmit Power Control, Adaptive modulation and Auto-Channel.


What is ATPC, adaptive modulation and Auto-Channel?

Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC) is the ability of the radio to determine and maintain the optimal RSS level by increasing or decreasing the power output of the radio. This is essential to ensure that the two radios remain connected even if there is an increase in interference such as rain or other operator’s equipment.


The ATPC goes hand-in-hand with the adaptive modulation feature: as you increase the power output the RF waves become more unstable and require the radio to lower its modulation in order to make sense of the information coming through. The LigoWave Rapidfire does all this automatically while keeping the link up and running at optimal throughput levels guaranteeing a connection at all times.


Auto-channel does exactly what it says it scans for the best available channel with the least amount of interference and switches over to that channel, this is all done without dropping the current link.


Other Features of the RadidFire include:


700Mbps throughput: The RadipFire is able to deliver an extremely high and reliable 700Mbps throughput, ideal for bandwidth intense backhaul applications.


W-Jet V Protocol: LigoWave’s proprietary W-Jet V protocol has been specifically engineered for high performing PTP scenarios and minimises interference across long distances and stabilises latency within 2 – 4 ms. This makes the RapidFire ideal for handling VoIP packets.


Fast and reliable deployment: Not only does the RapidFire offer higher throughput at a lower cost without skipping over the carrier grade features, but it’s also extremely easy to deploy:


  • Single side setup and easy pre-configuration for rapid deployment
  • Built-in 2.4GHz radio for management
  • Easy 4-step wizard for quick setup




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