Course Name: IPTECH Mikrotik HotSpot Online Course


The ‘MikroTik HotSpot Certification’ course is an online MikroTik training which covers the complete setup of a HotSpot system from start to finish. This training also includes the configuration of the popular MikroTik Userman radius package in conjunction with the HotSpot system. Whether you need a simple HotSpot system for just one Access Point, or for a large scale network deployment, the MikroTik system is a must, and this course covers it all.

  • Detailed overview of what can be achieved with the HotSpot system.
  • Getting your router ready for a HotSpot system (pre-requisites)
  • Creation of a Basic HotSpot with detailed overview of the setup process
  • Standard user login as well as Trial login
  • Creation and manipulation of user profiles for bandwidth limiting
  • Making use of the HotSpot advertisement system
  • Bypassing the HotSpot for particular users
  • Walled Garden overview and configuration
  • Customizing your captive portal landing page
  • Installing the MikroTik Userman package
  • Configuring the Userman system to communicate with your HotSpot
  • Using the Userman Billing system with PayPal
Please note: After purchasing this course, you will have 60 days in which to complete the material and write the online exam.