Combat Wi-Fi dead zones in less than 2 minutes with Tenda’s Mesh Wi-Fi

Combat Wi-Fi dead zones in less than 2 minutes with Tenda’s Mesh Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi has become as important as electricity in many homes, yet Wi-Fi performance can be detrimental. In some cases, there are dead zones where Wi-Fi signals gradually become weaker or simply drop when moving further away from your router.

To combat Wi-Fi dead zones, you can use Wi-Fi extenders, but in some cases, these extenders can cut bandwidth in half and may require their own network to switch to as you move throughout your home.

Another way to overcome these dead zones is Tenda’s Mesh Wi-Fi Systems. A Mesh Wi-Fi system is the next step up from traditional Wi-Fi routers and is the perfect solution to your home internet problems. Mesh Wi-Fi is designed for large environments with multiple occupants, applications include; multi-story buildings, flats, vertical structures and areas that are just out of reach for your current modem and not far enough for a fixed wireless solution. Tenda’s Mesh system can help you move towards greater connectivity with the seamless roaming feature, you can go from room to room without losing your internet connection. Tenda’s whole-home mesh system can be deployed in less than 2 minutes! Watch this quick video to see how easy it is to set up the Tenda NOVA Mesh Node

Traditional systems will continue to have their place in the network until customers have experienced the simplicity that mesh systems have to offer. It is in the service providers best interest to adopt themselves with mesh systems because it is becoming fundamental in end-user Wi-Fi request and it’s better to be prepared than to be caught snoozing.

If you are new to mesh or simply want more information, visit one of our branches and see what Tenda has to offer. Get your hands on these devices that are changing the landscape of Wi-Fi connectivity all around the world.


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