Reliable, easy to configure IoT Connectivity

Reliable, easy to configure IoT Connectivity

Almost everything, from large businesses to homes are increasingly relying more on internet connectivity. Open cast mining is no exception, as reliable internet connectivity helps to efficiently manage projects and decrease downtime. When JMH JINJUN Drilling Machines, a distributor of opencast drilling machines, approached Avax SA 410 Pty Ltd to assist them with a surveillance solution to monitor their drilling operations, Avax SA 410 consulted with MiRO to create the perfect solution.

But with the remote surveillance system, they hit a bump in the road. Hannes Pretorius, owner at Avax SA 410, elaborated. “The biggest challenge was to get connectivity inside the open cast mine, where LTE and 3G signal is extremely weak, on top of this the environment has lots of dust and vibration.  MiRO recommended the industrial grade Teltonika LTE connectivity solution featuring GPS location tracking and in-vehicle Wi-Fi access and could also be powered from the vehicle’s DC power source.’’

The specific model selected was Teltonika’s RUT955 LTE router. The RUT955 industrial design allowed it to perform at its peak in the absolute hot and harsh environments within the open cast mine. The device held up to its full potential with no data loss and no power issues, even with the heavy duty machinery being switched on and off there was no error or faulty boot ups.

Hannes also explained, “The Teltonika solution gave us the best possible mobile network connectivity due to its high gain LTE antennas and dual sim card support to ensure that they are always within coverage of at least one mobile network. The dual sim-card failover feature allowed us to seamlessly hop between service providers whenever necessary.  We ultimately delivered full remote access to the surveillance and monitoring system and managed to prevent false feedback from the operators and decreased downtime.”

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