The most reliable LTE connectivity solution on the market

The most reliable LTE connectivity solution on the market

The effectiveness of your surveillance system is often dependant on its ability to not only record and store, but also to transmit data for remote viewing. This is where a reliable router comes in handy.

Teltonika Routers are ideal companions for any security and surveillance installation. These routers can seamlessly integrate with existing network video recording (NVR) devices, and also feature a variety of connectivity options, such as RS232, RS485, as well as both analogue and digital input/output ports, which are common standards in the security industry, allowing them to be connected to a variety of security equipment, such as gate motors, door locks, biometric devices, sensors, and much more.

Industrial LTE routers like Teltonika’s RUT955 sport a dual SIM feature, that can be used for redundant connectivity and remote connections to a surveillance system, from anywhere in the world, in the event that the main connectivity options fail due to power outages or cable faults.

The ability to guarantee uptime, availability, stability and a rugged build, are hallmarks of what makes Teltonika routers the ideal product for any company in the security sector.

Click here to read how Avax SA 410 used Teltonika’s LTE router to assist them with a surveillance solution to monitor drilling operations.

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