Remotely manage your mission-critical devices and keep them connected at all times!

Remotely manage your mission-critical devices and keep them connected at all times!

Sporadic internet connection is not an option for your mission-critical applications such as your datacentre, access control and surveillance network solutions. Teltonika’s TRB gateways are programmable machine-to-machine gateways designed to ensure uninterrupted internet connectivity for mission critical applications. The gateway’s compact design makes it perfect for applications where a single device must have a secure and reliable internet connection at all times.

Teltonika’sTRB140 is a small and quick to deploy Industrial Ethernet to LTE IoT gateway. This gateway is equipped with Ethernet, Inputs/Outputs and a micro USB interface. This gateway can serve as the main connection for single device connectivity as well as a back-up connection for otherwise inaccessible devices. Should your primary connection fail, the gateway will allow you to reboot your main link remotely, enabling you to determine which radio has failed or where an error has occurred.

This industrial-grade gateway can also be connected to Teltonika’s remote management system (RMS) for intuitive and convenient remote monitoring, configuration and control. Furthermore, RMS can also be used to reach non-Teltonika devices that are connected to the TRB140 gateway.

It has never been easier to experience always-on connectivity with Teltonika’s industrial Ethernet to 4G LTE IoT Gateway!

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