Why SwitchVox is the perfect solution for Call Centres

Why SwitchVox is the perfect solution for Call Centres

Delivering the world-class customer experience that today’s customers expect creates unique and demanding communications needs for modern call center phone systems. Whether your company requires basic call routing to a group of sales or support staff, or advanced Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) functionality with advanced ringing strategy and detailed reporting, Switchvox has the feature set to make it happen. The benefit of using Switchvox is two-fold: not only are you able to ensure a wonderful customer experience but you also make managing of your call centre phone system easy yet comprehensive.


Create an Amazing Customer Experience

With Switchvox queues, you get to decide how customers flow through your organization. You set up what messaging customers hear, who they talk to, and what options they receive. Easily record and playback targeting messaging and advertisements for each business unit to ensure your company’s vision is passed to your customer.


Switchvox call centre phone system has tools to ensure your customer’s experience is smooth and fast. You can set wait time thresholds and back up call routing so your customers never get stuck in your queue or in a never-ending loop. With built-in Salesforce and Sugar CRM integration, customers won’t have to repeat their information to agents along the way.


Control Your Agent Experience

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Switchvox gives you complete control over the flow of calls in and out of your call centre. You decide which agents are in each queue, in which order the agents receive calls, and what information each agent receives for every call.


Switchvox also provides powerful training tools to ensure that your agents are performing to your standards. You call centre supervisors can listen in on calls with Monitor, talk to your agents during a live call with Whisper, or actively engage in complex calls with Barge. A full on-demand or scheduled call recording solution is included with Switchvox to archive calls or to provide a library of training material for each agent.



In a Queue Overview Agents will see: Calls Waiting – Time in Queue,  Agents’ status, Call History, calls Abandoned and Avg wait time.



Call Control Capability (New in 6.2 software release):  As the Manager of the Queue, you have permissions to move calls up in priority, transfer a call from the queue to an extension or answer the call yourself. For the critical customers in the queue give them the special attention they need for complete customer satisfaction.


Get Business Intelligence

Switchvox provides detailed reporting for your call centre supervisors, both in real-time and on-demand, so they can make intelligent decisions and changes based on actual call data. Supervisors can generate reports on the fly, output data to Excel, or automate and have reports emailed to them at the exact time they need them.


The Switchboard provides a Call Queue panel with information for each queue and each queue member that’s updated in real-time. Get instant data on total calls, abandoned calls, log in times, number of calls waiting and more. Need to create a call centre wallboard? The Switchboard is the solution for you.


Run Successful Campaigns

Switchvox can provide your call centre the tools to not only support your valuable customers but to attract more. You can get more out of your inbound and outbound marketing campaigns with easy to use tracking and reporting features included with Switchvox. Create and designate unique phone numbers for each campaign, create strategic call routing and messaging for each number, and track your results to ensure your getting your required return on investment from your marketing efforts.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJ-n48Z_V2s&w=560&h=315]


Quick recap of all the features:

  • Visual indication of Agents logged in and out
  • Monitor, Whisper and Barge
  • Various Queue panels: Agent Status, Overview of all agents
  • Detailed View and (New in 6.x) Call Control View
  • Notifications and Thresholds settings
  • Chat and Video between agents
  • Start a WebRTC Chat between a Customer and Agent: Voice, Data and Screen Sharing
  • Create multiple panels for each queue or consolidate into one single panel


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