WE STOCK MASTS! Any combination for heights up to 21 metres!

WE STOCK MASTS! Any combination for heights up to 21 metres!

Did you know that MiRO stocks a full range of Lattice Masts for various applications?


Simplify your installation with MiRO’s full mast solution; with us, setting up a high-site becomes an easier and faster process. Our complete mast solution requires fewer components, making it more cost-effective.

Our Lattice Masts are locally designed, made from high-grade galvanised and heavy-duty steel, and are readily available at all of our branches for your convenience. We offer anything from self-supporting Lattice Masts up to 15m, guyed masts up to 21m, roof-top installations, as well as grounded base-kits with included casting cages. The Y-Base design makes for improved stability and the revised K-bracing increases rigidity so that even at the maximum height of 21 meters you are assured of complete stability.

All of our masts are modular and the sections come in 3 meter lengths, which means you can always start off with what you need and add more sections later. If you exceed 15 meters in height, you can further support them with the guy-rope kit that is available separately. The guy rope kit is specifically designed to easily connect to the integrated flange joints found on the mast sections and the concrete foundation on the bottom-end, reducing the time it takes to setup your high-site.

Additionally, MiRO also supplies LED Aircraft Beacons that are required for masts that are, or exceed, 21 meters in length. The beacon is designed for long life, high brightness, and energy efficiency, providing many hours of cost-effective and maintenance-free operation.


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