Don’t let load shedding affect the productivity of your business

Don’t let load shedding affect the productivity of your business

Over the years solar panels have turned into a highly sought after alternative power source, even more so now due to the recent blows on our country’s power supply and the implementation of load-shedding. Our solar panels are designed for off-the-grid applications to keep your business up and running during load-shedding.

Our solar panel solutions range from 80-300 watts with output voltages from 12-26 volts, which can be used in any combination to give you the required amount of electricity to power your equipment. Click here to view our range.

Further reasons to consider solar power include:

  • Solar panels provide long-term financial saving as the sun’s energy is harnessed free of charge.
  • Installing solar panels in your home, business or industrial complex helps to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses, which is the main cause of air pollution and global warming.
  • Solar panels generally don’t require a lot of maintenance and are designed to reach a lifespan of up to 25 years.
  • Solar panels are easy to install on high-sites and can seamlessly be installed on building rooftops which means no new space is needed.
  • Keeping your network and connectivity isolated from power outages means you don’t have to let load shedding have an impact on staff productivity and business turn over.

    View our batteries, regulators and DC input PoE switches for a complete off the grid network

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