MiRO partners with Snom

MiRO partners with Snom

MiRO continues to expand its portfolio of solutions with Snom as its newest addition to enterprise communication systems. Snom is an international premium manufacturer of innovative devices and boasts high-quality VoIP solutions.

Snom is recognised for its high-quality audio, excellent and intuitive call management as well as stylish designs that are suitable for any business environment.

Since developing their first desk phone in 1999, their product offering has greatly expanded. In addition to their desk phones, they also offer wireless DECT handsets, both single- and multi-cell, that encourages workplace mobility, conferencing systems that will optimise any business environment as well as broadcasting solutions, headsets and accessories.


These VoIP solutions from Snom boast a 3-year warranty and offer users a buy-back option. This allows users to trade in their older Snom devices, or other brands for that matter, and in return clients receive a rebate against new Snom equipment. A distinguishing Snom factor is that they offer zero-config compatibility with all industry-leading VoIP PBX platforms. This allows users a great choice for enterprise communication systems and enables them to seamlessly implement Snom devices, regardless of the existing system that is in use. Click here to view

Another great service from Snom is their ability to offer users the option to customise their phones with their company logo. This option is available at orders quantities from as low as 50 or more devices.

Snom has also launched a global program that grants partners access to free demos, exclusive promotions and value-added Snom training. Click here to read more about the Snom partner program.

Take advantage of these award-winning Snom solutions and deploy the ultimate VoIP network that will suit any business requirements.

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