Simplify your installation with our full mast solution

Simplify your installation with our full mast solution

Reach new heights with our lightweight and durable tower structures, our lattice masts offer you the flexibility that is needed to suit your changing needs. These versatile structures are designed for various applications such as:

  • Mounting outdoor wireless equipment, such as MIMOSA’s point-to-point (PTP) or point-to-multipoint equipment (PTMP), to attain a perfect line of sight. Click to view more of our PTP or PTMP
  • Mounting outdoor Wi-Fi Access Points
  • Mounting surveillance equipment at an ideal height to achieve full coverage.

Made for harsh, outdoor applications our range of masts is the perfect high-site solution with varying lengths of 3m-21m. We have the following components available to you at a moment’s notice!

Casting cages are specifically designed for our lattice masts and are used as a pre-fabricated anchor bolt, ideal for applications with concrete foundations. For rooftop mounting applications, the casting cage is not required. The Y-Base assembly is then fastened to the casting cage for added support, followed by a 3m modular mast sections. These galvanised sections are fastened to the Y-Base assembly. The sections can be stacked on top of one another to create a lattice tower as tall as you need it to be and have been specifically designed for heavy-duty implementations. Furthermore, another cost-effective way to gain height for your mast is to add guy rope kits. Our guy rope kits consist of the following; guy anchors, guy rope and fasteners.

All our mast component are hot-dip galvanised and are carefully designed with strength and durability in mind.

Need help planning for your projects? We can assist you in planning and rolling out large-scale projects, be it a national network upgrade or a total Greenfields project, we can bring it all together for you. Read more here

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