Siklu’s E-Band Solution can now be used over distances of up to 20km

Siklu’s E-Band Solution can now be used over distances of up to 20km

Siklu’s new overbuild feature is not only the perfect failover solution for your E-Band applications but it is also a simple, easy to deploy and cost-effective solution to your capacity issues, allowing you to deliver 2 Gigabit throughput over distances of up to 20km!

Delivering 2Gbps capacity wirelessly over 20km has, until now, seemed impossible – too expensive, associated with a negative ROI, and always takes too long to deploy. But all that’s about to change. Siklu now offers “Overbuild” – a capacity boosting solution that can easily boost your existing microwave radios and enables you to deliver 2Gbps throughput over interference-free millimetre waves for a distance of up to 20km!

Using Siklu’s Overbuild technology, you can easily and seamlessly combine an existing or new licensed or unlicensed microwave link with a Siklu mmWave link. With this approach, Siklu mmWave links can be extended in range with the licensed microwave link providing an alternate connection during periods of heavy rain or other momentary impacts to the mmWave link performance.


How it works 

As an example, an EH-2500FX can be designed to reach 24 km, with a 99% availability.

The microwave link, many times an existing installed connection, can be used as an alternate path for the 1% of the time per annum  the mmWave link’s performance may be impaired for whatever reason.

Simply combine the Siklu EtherHaul-2500FX 70/80GHz radio with your microwave radio (for example: 11GHz, 17GHz ISM, 18GHz or 23GHz radios) via the Ethernet port which includes Siklu’s advanced networking capabilities. With a single click it becomes possible to turn the two radios into a capacity-boosted solution that delivers the capacity you need to provide bandwidth to your install base.


Siklu diagram


What’s in it for you? 

EtherHaul’s powerful, integrated networking engine does everything you need:

  • 2 Gigabit per second worth of Full Duplex throughput over long distances
  • Increased service capacity
  • Enhanced reach leveraging existing microwave link
  • Easy, single click configuration
  • Flexible choice between capacity, range and uptime requirements
  • Enhanced availability over long distances
  • No additional networking equipment, such as switches, are needed

See below for an example of Siklu’s Overbuild operation in regular conditions (microwave radio in stand-by mode)

Siklu diagram 2

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