Avoid wayleaves and deliver fibre-like speeds with Siklu’s 8010FX- Now in stock!

Avoid wayleaves and deliver fibre-like speeds with Siklu’s 8010FX- Now in stock!

Building high capacity networks with fibre alone can be challenging. Stumbling blocks such as wayleave applications and lead-times can cause lengthy delays, which can become a major setback for your business. Why wait to get fibre into an area if you can expand your network and get your customers or potential customers signed up, connected and happy before your competitors do?

With Siklu you can avoid wayleaves and deliver fibre-like capacity Point-to-Point 80Ghz wireless links into an area and start rolling out high capacity, wireless point-to-multipoint or fibre GPON/EPON deployments. Other applications include; upgrading existing short to medium backhaul links up to 5km, or addressing a previously underserved market segment such as high capacity SLA clients.

Siklu’s 8010FX 10Gbps EtherHaul product offers the perfect solution to extend your network where fibre or copper just can’t go or haven’t been deployed yet. With the 8010FX you can now deliver fibre-like speeds over a distance of up to 10km, depending on your link-planning and the required availability, between sites with zero-interference! This radio link is the ideal solution for providing a high capacity backbone to multi-tenant dwelling units, or other types of high-density buildings, such as industrial- and business parks.

This full-outdoor IP Ethernet radio solution is now available for purchase with 2- or 5Gbps standard capacity, which can be upgraded to 5- or 10Gbps respectively as your capacity requirements increase, as well as 1- or 2ft. antenna options, depending on the required link-distance. The 8010FX maximises spectrum re-use by using a high-gain pencil-beam antenna for guaranteed spectrum availability. This E-Band solution is governed by a low licensing fee and only requires registration after installation, further decreasing deployment lead-times and costs. Siklu also offers extended warranty options for additional peace of mind.

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