Future-proof your wireless network with Siklu’s 1200FX E-Band Radio

Future-proof your wireless network with Siklu’s 1200FX E-Band Radio

Siklu’s EtherHaul series continues to deliver high-capacity Ethernet connectivity and enable service providers to deploy future-proof wireless networks. The well-established EtherHaul-1200FX radio features industry-leading reliability as well as reduced hardware size and cost. The small form factor lowers installation costs and the high reliability reduces site visits.

Siklu’s EtherHaul-1200FX radio is designed for short to medium distance high capacity links, not only making it the ideal failover solution for fibre applications but it is also a simple, easy to deploy and cost-effective solution for capacity issues.

For example, when service providers already have a link in place but require added capacity and redundancy, they are able to simply add a 1200FX radio and make use of the ExtendMM functionality. Should rain-fade or other interruptions occur, the ExtendMM allows the radio to seamlessly cascade over to the link that was already in place, allowing for 1Gbps of Full-duplex uncompressed capacity and a 99.995% uptime, even at distances of up to 8km.

In some cases, the EtherHaul-1200FX can be deployed as a temporary fibre-like hop while you wait for fibre wayleaves.

Furthermore, the radio can also function as the main or redundant connectivity between buildings, such as office parks or medical campuses.

Speak to our sales team today to discuss your various projects. They are able to assist with planning and will provide you with the best possible solutions to ensure your implementations are efficient and cost-effective.


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