Effortlessly upgrade your backhaul capacity with SIAE’s E-Band Radio

Effortlessly upgrade your backhaul capacity with SIAE’s E-Band Radio

E-band is a 5th generation technology that not only meets the growing subscriber demand but also bridges the gap between high-capacity fibre systems and flexible cost-effective wireless networks. SIAE has introduced their very own E-band solution, enabling you to upgrade your current 17 GHz backhaul without having to familiarise yourself with a new brand.

SIAE’s ALFOplus80HD is a full-outdoor, next-generation microwave radio that offers fibre-like capacity and takes mmWave backhauling one step further with its advanced feature set.


With 2Gbps net throughput and zero-footprint characteristics, the SIAE ALFOplus80HD is ideal for ultra-high capacity wireless links in urban environments where the distance between the base stations are relatively short (Up to 5km). The ALFOplus80HD can function as a last-mile fibre extension or act as a complementary solution to your fibre deployments.

This innovative E-Band radio allows you to easily scale bandwidth and reach Gigabit-per-second capacities without any major infrastructure changes, additional radio equipment or sky-high licensing fees. If planning is done correctly, the system is guaranteed to provide sustainable interference-free throughput, speak to us for professional advice on planning your solution.

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