SIAE delivers unmatched spectral efficiency with the NEW ALFOplus 2

SIAE delivers unmatched spectral efficiency with the NEW ALFOplus 2

SIAE’s latest product offering the ALFOplus 2; is designed to offer outstanding throughput in outdoor deployments. This is the first SIAE device to feature 4096QAM modulation scheme as well as possessing the capability to support up to two channels at 80/112MHz in a single ODU.

The SIAE MICROELECTTRONICA ALFOplus 2 PtP Link requires a license to operate in the 11GHz, 15GHz, 18GHz, 23GHz and 28GHz bands.

Product Features:

  • 2x 1/1.2 Gbps Ethernet Ports
  • 2x SFP ports
  • 4×4 MIMO support
  • Up to2x80 MHz channels


Customer Benefits:


  • Full frequency 11 GHz to 28 GHz coverage to address any application, offering very high modulation schemes to reach 4 Gbps capacity transport in a single compact unit.
  • SM-OS Single Operating system common to all the SIAE MICROELETTRONICA’s product platform. The SM-OS accelerates the distribution of new carrier grade features throughout the network, guaranteeing common consistent behaviour and operational capacity for the entire portfolio.
  • Unmatched spectrum efficiency and larger channel selection (single 10 MHz up to 2×80 MHz channels).
  • Integrated XPIC capability using 34% less power consumption than dual single carrier solution.
  • Future proof architecture that quadruples the throughput achieves better link availability and reduces the antenna size.
  • Best in class system gain for Microwave Backhaul in all the frequency bands.
  • Drastic reduction in TCO thanks to high level of integration and Zero foot print


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