SIAE 60 GHz ISM Easycell radios now available.

SIAE EasyCell60 V-band (60GHz) radio links now available at Miro.



EasyCell60 offers you:

1.0Gbps full duplex – FDD
500MHz FDD channel BW
Latency of less than 200 microsec

License-free 60GHz radios also have unique characteristics that make them significantly different from traditional 2.4GHz or 5GHz license-free radios. These characteristics give 60GHz radios operational advantages not found in other wireless systems.

Narrow Beam Antennas associated with 60GHz radios enable multiple radios to operate on the same rooftop or mast and provide interference immunity from other 60GHz links.

For more details and pricing please speak to your Miro representative.


Please also find the full datasheet in the link below:

SIAE EasyCell datasheet

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