Secure Your Premises in Pitch Dark with VIVOTEK’s New Vari-Angle Infrared Speed Dome Camera with Audio Detection

Secure Your Premises in Pitch Dark with VIVOTEK’s New Vari-Angle Infrared Speed Dome Camera with Audio Detection

For the most demanding outdoor surveillance application, there is nothing that compares to the VIVOTEK SD9364-EHL.


The SD9364-EHL is the latest professional speed dome camera from VIVOTEK, specifically designed to enhance low light surveillance in large coverage areas. Equipped with 150 M IR illuminators and a 30x optical zoom lens, the SD9364-EHL provides a superb low light image in the most challenging situations. The SD9364-EHL also adopts VIVOTEK’s latest IR technology, VAIR (Vari-Angle IR).




What is Vari-Angle Infrared?

Light is a very fundamental aspect when it comes to image quality. Vari-Angle Infrared (VAIR) is an optical enhancement that improves the image quality by adjusting the Infrared angle to allow viewers to view the desired objects and capture video images with clear, identifiable detail in total darkness or at night. In low-light environments, the VAIR function is the perfect tool to produce usable image quality in security system applications.


How Does Vari-Angle Infrared work?

When natural or artificial light is not available, IR illuminators are often used to enhance black and white night time images. Conventional IR illumination only covers a fixed general area. However for long range PTZ surveillance, this limits the distance of the camera’s capable scope.


VIVOTEK’s VAIR function supported on VIVOTEK’s IR Speed Dome surveillance cameras provides efficient, uniform IR lighting intensity. Products such as the SD9364-EHL with the VIVOTEK VAIR function also feature varifocal IR illumination and allow users to automatically adjust the IR angle to match the camera lens’ FOV (field of vision).


In the scene below, the left image has fixed IR illumination and demonstrates the object is blurred and unrecognizable. In contrast, the right image with VIVOTEK VAIR identifies the object in the infrared region as the illumination angles vary to match the lens FOV.

lVIVOTEK sd9364-ehl


Implementation with Optical Zoom

As discussed earlier, IR illumination typically covers a general area. For speed dome cameras with optical zoom, the IR illuminators need to coordinate with the lens’ FOV. Using the VAIR function on enabled network cameras will match the IR illumination automatically to the camera’s FOV, or zoom length. The following table details the mapping between the optical zoom and the corresponding IR angle. Basically, the higher the zoom, the narrower the FOV or IR Angle.



Zoom IR Angle Zoom IR Angle
1 x 63.7 16x 4.49
2x 34.86 17x 4.23
3x 23.64 18x 4
4x 17.84 19x 3.96
5x 14.32 20x 3.92
6x 11.95 21x 3.88
7x 10.25 22x 3.84
8x 8.98 23x 3.8
9x 7.98 24x 3.76
10x 7.19 25x 3.72
11x 6.53 26x 3.68
12x 5.99 27x 3.64
13x 5.53 28x 3.6
14x 5.14 29x 3.56
15x 4.79 30x 3.52




Other features of the SD9364-EHL include:

Amazing compression for less storage and bandwidth usage

The SD9364-EHL is the first PTZ surveillance camera with IR Illumination to utilize H.265 compression technology. When combined with VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream II technology users can obtain bandwidth savings of up to 80% compared to traditional H.264.


HD Quality no matter the time of day or lighting conditions

By combining 1080p full HD resolution with H.265, IR illuminators, VAIR, WDR, and 30x optical zoom, the SD9364- EHL is able to capture fine details at top-notch quality, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As with all VIVOTEK true day/night cameras, the SD9364-EHL features a removable IR-cut filter, maintaining clear images 24 hours a day.


Made for the outdoors with IP66 and perfect for coastal conditions with NEMA 4x coating

VIVOTEK further strengthened the camera performance with an IP66- and NEMA 4X-rated housing to protect the camera against rain, dust, and corrosion. The SD9364-EHL has a wide operating temperature range from -50°C to 55°C, ensuring continuous operation under the most extreme weather conditions and hazardous environments. This makes the SD9364-EHL ideally suited to monitor wide open spaces such as ports, highways, cities, and parking lots where high-level precision is required.


Hear a pin drop

Audio detection is included by recognizing changes in ambient noise. This means that the SD9364-EHL is able to detect any changes in the noise levels surrounding the camera which adds an extra layer of security to your surveillance system.


Extra onboard storage

The SD9364-EHL also includes an SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot and supports up to 60 fps in 1080P full HD.

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