SD-WAN Benefits for Work-from-Home Employees

SD-WAN Benefits for Work-from-Home Employees

While working from home may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the fact is that there are already significant disruptions in the concept of the workplace. The silver lining that has become apparent is that companies are seeing exceptional levels of productivity and efficiency, and people are becoming much more comfortable in their home office operations.

Remote employees rely on bandwidth-intensive business applications, such as video conferencing, VoIP, cloud ERP systems and Office 365 to stay connected and this reliance on multiple mission-critical applications increases the need to prioritise network traffic on the home network. This can easily be achieved with group policies using Untangle’s SD-WAN solution. Instead of deploying best-effort VPN’s for your WFH employees, the Untangle SD-WAN can provide a business-like home networking experience with superb security levels, scheduled employee monitoring and application prioritisation – exactly like at the office!

Untangle’s Z4 NG firewall is ideal for smaller networks, branch offices or retail locations that need a cost-effective network security solution that just works, right out-of-the-box. This small device takes up minimal space and is recommended for networks with 10 to 50 users.

Untangle Z4 Firewall

Its big brother, the Z12 NG firewall, delivers next-generation firewall features for medium- to large-sized offices and is ideal for networks with 100 to 500 users. This 1U rackmount solution provides a powerful single device to handle anything from content filtering to perimeter security without compromising performance.

Untangle Z12 Firewall

The lightweight, cost-effective E3 SD-WAN router is perfect for small networks or branch offices that need a solution for boosting application performance and securely connecting to the Internet. The E3 supports multiple WAN deployments to load balance traffic or use as a failover to maximise performance and uptime.

Untangle E3 SD-WAN

For both small and medium-sized office locations, the E6 SD-WAN router fits right in. It has multiple high-speed Ethernet interfaces, fibre connectivity, and comes pre-configured with the Untangle SD-WAN router software. The E6 provides advance application performance and seamless integration of branch offices into the corporate network.

Untangle E6 SD-WAN

When uncovering the right work from home environment for your business, Untangle offers you software solutions to load on to your existing infrastructure. It offers everything you need in a single, modular platform to fit the evolving needs of your business without the headaches of managing multiple systems.

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