Create a safer community with wireless security

Create a safer community with wireless security

Wireless security even when you’re left in the dark. Putting the power in your hands!

Everyone wants to feel safe and protected at home, but home security can seem complicated for new homeowners. Below are helpful tips to help you secure your home:

The importance of outdoor sirens

Sirens can alert both homeowners and neighbours of a break-in, whether it takes place while you’re asleep or out of the house. It also lets the burglar know that both you and your neighbours are aware of their presence and that the police are likely on their way.

All Ring security cameras feature a siren to scare off intruders. If a Ring user answers a Ring Motion Alert on their phone, for example, and they see an unknown person on their property, they have the ability to speak with them through the Cam, and even set off the siren to scare them off the property.

Indoor camera placement throughout the home

The best places to place indoor cameras in your home are those places where you have the highest chance of catching an intruder red-handed.

  1. Front and rear doors are the most likely entry point for burglars, so make sure you have indoor cameras pointed in that direction. If any of these cameras detect motion when nobody is home, you can get a notification on your mobile device along with a snapshot or video clip. You can then call law enforcement if required.
  2. Windows are the other potential entry method for burglars—place cameras to cover windows that are not easily visible from the street.
  3. Garage doors: if you park vehicles there or if they lead to the inside of the house.

With Ring Floodlight Cams and Spotlight Cams, you can watch over your entire property from your phone, tablet and PC, and stop crime in its tracks.

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