Protect your clients and expand your business with RING

Protect your clients and expand your business with RING

How would you like to make your clients feel empowered, connected, and bold enough to take action to make their homes safer – even when they aren’t there? Ring’s easy to use solutions allows you to do just that and so much more!

Ring gives your clients peace of mind by allowing them to monitor every corner of their property. With a Video Doorbell at their door and Floodlight or Spotlight Cams around their house, they can prevent crime before it even happens. Ring’s diverse range of solutions are Wi-Fi enabled, making configuration and installation a walk in the park. Clients can easily connect their cameras to their router and simply download the official RING app. These cameras allow your clients to keep an eye and ear on all activity surrounding their entire home and get notifications when their cameras detect motion.

Although these solutions are available as hardwired and battery-powered, Ring also offers a range of accessories to ensure your clients get the most out of their security. These accessories include additional battery packs and solar panels for non-stop power- even when load shedding strikes!

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