RF elements on Tour in SA: Interview with Sonic Telecoms, Cape Town

RF elements on Tour in SA:  Interview with Sonic Telecoms, Cape Town

Check out RF elements customer experience from Ernst Köhne of Sonic Telecoms during “RF elements on Tour”, organized with Miro Distribution in Cape Town (South Africa), April 12-14, 2016.

Sonic Telecoms specialise in providing cost-effective, high-speed broadband connectivity solutions for the private sector. They are known for building their own towers which are linked with direct fibre optic connections to provide broadband services to new areas quickly in Cape Town and the rest of the Western Cape area.


Köhne stated that they had started using RF elements’s latest Horn Antennas roughly 6 months prior to the interview and had them installed on a number of towers already, especially on the high buildings in urban areas. Köhne explained how the RF elements symmetrical horns provide coverage from 20m up to 3km and, because of their compact design, makes it possible to mount multiple antennas on crowded towers which means they are able to add more clients per tower.


When asked about his overall impression of RF elements as a company, Köhne stated: “I enjoy the products: I think it’s very robust; it’s very unique, it’s quick to install. They have the correct mindset (of thinking) of making things simpler, more cost effective and easy to use.”


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