Improve wireless networks with the new Asymmetrical Horn TwistPort Antenna

Improve wireless networks with the new Asymmetrical Horn TwistPort Antenna

As Wireless internet service provider (WISPs) try to keep up with the ever-growing demand for connectivity, hundreds of radios are deployed with zero respect for sustainability and result in massive amounts of noise. This noise is usually the result of Radio Frequency (RF) signals that travel too far, in unwanted directions or with wrong signal timing. In spite of this noise, WISPs still continue to deploy out-dated gear in unsustainable ways, creating wireless networks that will never perform as they should.

RF Elements aims to address this issue by equipping service providers with solutions that will re-define the way wireless networks are built. Among these solutions, you will find the Asymmetrical Horn TwistPort (TP) Antenna. This antenna provides excellent noise rejection, zero RF system loss, massive network scalability and increased throughput while contributing to a sustainable RF Environment.

RF Elements asymmetrical antenna has a unique elliptical beam shape that provides better coverage, no matter the angle of the antenna. Whereas traditional antennas have a flatter shape and the coverage is dependent on the angle. For example, if the traditional antenna is tilted down, the coverage range would decrease and if the antenna is tilted upwards, customers near the tower suffer from low AP signal level.

Another added benefit of this asymmetrical antenna is the absence of side lobes, meaning the antenna focuses its signal in a single main beam, similar to that of a flashlight.

Assymetrical Horn

Even though RF Elements Asymmetrical Horn TP Antenna is a new addition to the toolbox, it has proven to be the ideal solution for long-range performance and provides extraordinary scalability options, due to its unique beam performance, precise radiation patterns and increased gain.

MiRO and RF Elements aim to assist you to grow smart, reject noise, and save spectrum, contact us today for more information!

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