Remove yourself from the noise with our licensed-spectrum equipment

Remove yourself from the noise with our licensed-spectrum equipment

MiRO offers numerous types of equipment that work in the licensed spectrum. Below is a run-down of what is available and how to choose the perfect frequency for your application.

Some things you need to consider before selecting your frequency.

  • You need to know the coordinates of your link.
  • The higher the frequency, the shorter the distance it will travel.
  • Always use the highest possible frequency for the application. Doing this will ensure minimal frequency pollution and maximum bandwidth. This will also reduce your license fees from ICASA.
  • We can assist in the link planning, which will give you an idea of what the best frequency will be for your application.
  • We can also give guidance on how to apply for the frequency with ICASA.

Available at MiRO

Max Channel Bandwidth and throughput allowed by ICASA


* Full-duplex speed rated in Mbps

ALFOplus is a Full-Outdoor, full IP Next-Generation Microwave radio with a zero footprint solution for fast rollout of 3G and LTE full IP backhaul network. Ideal for fast and flexible evolution towards full IP networks, ALFOPlus offers best in class performance and low power consumption for a green but performing network.


Max Channel Bandwidth and throughput allowed by ICASA


* Full-duplex speed rated in Mbps

ALFOplus2 is the next generation 2/4 Gbps full outdoor solution to enable successful launch of LTE, by providing best TCO while boosting capacity and availability of the network.


Max Channel Bandwidth and throughput allowed by ICASA


* Aggregate speed rated in Mbps

The airFiber® AF‑11FX radio is purpose-built for outdoor PtP bridging and carrier-class network backhauls using the licensed 11GHz radio band. The AF‑11FX breaks free from the congested 5 GHz band to help meet the growing need for broadband capacity.

*This was calculated at maximum modulation allowed by radio equipment

SIKLU E-Band licensed

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Siklu exists to develop, build and deliver the best millimetre wave wireless connectivity radios on the planet. Easily installed on street-fixtures or rooftops, the price-competitive radios have proved to be the ideal solution for networks requiring fast and simple deployment of secure, fiber-like and future-proof connectivity.


  • The most sold mmWave radio in the world
  • Licenced Block B: 71-73GHz and 81-83GHz
  • Carrier grade performance and quality guaranteed
  • Every SIKLU radio gets quality assessed individually
  • E-Band (Non-interference space)
  • Desired throughput achieved with minimum modulation (Allowing for better performance in poor weather conditions) 5Gbps @ QAM32
  • Minimum channel bandwidth to achieve desired throughput (Allowing for better performance in poor weather conditions) 312/625/1250MHz
  • Hitless adaptive bandwidth coding and modulation ensures reliable performance under any weather condition.
  • 30W Power Consumption
  • Extended warranty and advanced replacement options available
  • 1Ft and 2Ft INT and EXT antenna option

Finance option available. Subject to approval


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