We are a reliable supplier of 17GHz microwave equipment; guaranteed stock availability!

We are a reliable supplier of 17GHz microwave equipment; guaranteed stock availability!

Opt for uncompromised, uncompressed, real and reliable capacity with SIAE today. The ALFOPlus Full-Outdoor IP microwave radio-link features carrier-grade performance on the 17 GHz spectrum with up to 500 Mbps real-world throughput and link-distances of up to 30 kilometres.


Understanding the 17GHz band:

In 17GHz, there is 200MHz of spectrum available, between 17100MHz and 17300MHz, with the need for 100MHz of channel separation. On the SIAE ALFOPlus, you are able to select channel widths of 7Mhz, 12MHz, 28MHz, 40MHz and 56MHz, combined with modulations of 4QAM to 1024QAM, together, resulting in the specific required throughput, which also allows for high scalability. Our SIAE radios are ICASA Type Approved, meaning that you will always be within legal limitations and regulations when deploying solutions from MiRO.


Best practice for co-location:

The 17GHz band rarely suffers from interference, 17GHz is far more directional in signal propagation than lower frequency bands with typically just a few degrees of beamwidth.  This ensures no interference between co-located and densely deployed links. However, we advise clients to use the following co-location practises:

  • Use our FREE pre-sales technical link planning to assist you in planning your link!
  • Use as high of a modulation as possible, so that you can use less Channel Bandwidth, leaving channel space open for other links to be deployed.
  • If you are using the maximum channel bandwidth, please use a minimum of 1 metre vertical tower separation, and a minimum of 30 degrees horizontal tower spacing.
  • Make sure that you are aware of nearby radios, and deploy on different tower heights and angles, where it is possible to do so.


SIAE ALFOPlus 17 Ghz Link, 100 Mbps 

  • Two Full-Outdoor IP67 Rated Microwave Radios
  • Standard 100Mbps license (upgradable to 500Mbps)
  • Connectors, Grounding kit and peripherals


Lastly, all variations on the 17GHz offering from SIAE are fully in stock with MiRO and ready to dispatch at a moment’s notice!

SIAE 17Ghz SIAE 17Ghz SIAE 17Ghz

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