How to reduce installation time and save money on your surveillance solution with LigoWave.

How to reduce installation time and save money on your surveillance solution with LigoWave.

With LigoWave’s point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless devices, you can elevate the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of your access control, time & attendance and/or surveillance solution; improving on reliability and reducing installation time and cost.

The LigoWave DLB and DLB ac ranges are the ideal PtP/PtMP solution to support any type of surveillance installation. Not only are these high-performing units available at the most competitive prices in the industry, but they also have the potential to bring down the overall cost of your surveillance installation by eliminating reliance on third party networks, reducing installation time and taking away the need for cables.

Below is a deployment scenario that visually represents how LigoWave’s PtP and PtMP devices can be used to complete and enhance a security and attendance monitoring solution:


LigoWave and ZKTeco_Deployment_Diagram

LigoWave DLB

LigoWave DLB

The LigoWave DLB units are able to push up to 170 Mbps on the 5 GHz frequency band. This range has its own unique iPoll 2 proprietary data transmission protocol that minimizes noise and increases stability. This solution is best suited for access control and time & attendance applications due to low spectrum utilization in order to maximize on reliability and stability.


LigoWave DLB ac

LigoWave DLBac

The DLB ac range provides an ideal solution for surveillance installations. The CPEs  and base stations within this range are able to achieve up to 500 Mbps on the 5 GHz band as a result of its powerful hardware platform  with an 802.11ac based radio and it’s dedicated iPoll 3 proprietary data transmission protocol. By using a wider spectrum within the 5 GHz frequency band, a higher level of throughput is achieved, making these units perfect for more demanding tasks such as transmitting video feed from IP cameras.


Additional features of both the DLB and DLB ac ranges include:


  • Small form factor – Easy installation and reduced transportation costs
  • Powerful OS – Effortless setup and trouble free operation
  • IP-66/67 Rated – Equipped for the most demanding conditions
  • Backward compatibility – Ability to use the DLB range with the DLB ac range
  • Integrated surge suppression – Resistance against surges or power fluctuations
  • 2 Year Warranty – Peace of mind and confidence in quality and performance


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