RADWIN Jet Pro|Grow your network with less infrastructure

RADWIN Jet Pro|Grow your network with less infrastructure

RADWIN JET Pro uniquely delivers fixed and high transmission power across all modulations. When combined with increased gain and an interference-immune Bi-Beam antenna, RADWIN JET delivers greater downlink and uplink capacity and a longer range than conventional PtMP solutions or PtMP with beamforming in an uplink-only direction.

Greater Network Capacity Per Given Spectrum

Only two frequency channels are required to deploy a multiple JET cell network- with each cell comprising of 4 sectors. As a result, two channels of 80 MHz can yield tremendous cell capacity of up to 3 Gbps!

Unique Air Interface for Highly Robust Link Performance

RADWIN JET Pro BI-Beam technology ensures best link performance by managing the individual transmission scheme of each SU: Channel bandwidth (80, 40 or 20MHz) and antenna configuration on (MIMO or diversity mode) are dynamically selected per SU to achieve the highest possible capacity. Fast ARQ (Automatic Repeat upon request) is used to guarantee error-free transmission, even in adverse spectrum conditions.

Full Span of Asymmetric Traffic

RADWIN JET Pro can be configured to deliver more than 90% of traffic in either uplink or downlink direction.

Secured Service Level Agreement (SLA) for Bandwidth Demanding Applications

RADWIN’s Dynamic Bandwidth Allocation (DBA) optimally maximizes throughput for active users demanding various service levels e.g. Committed Information Rate (CIR) or Best Effort.

TDD Synchronization, Enabling Dense Deployments with Maximum Performance

RADWIN JET Pro features TDD synchronization between sectors and sites, using a built-in GPS. This synchronization prevents mutual interference and increases network capacity and range.


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